GRÉGOIRE machine always operates at the peak of its performance, even under conditions that can severely test the mechanical and electronic components.

G7 - A Byword for Versatility

The G7.240 is a versatile carrier equipped with a DEUTZ 4-cylinder engine developing 144hp and integrating the AUTOdrive, AUTOspeed and ECOdrive smart management devices to give you an exceptional reduction in consumption. Regardless of the working conditions, fully automated power and transmission (anti-slipping, right-left flow) ensure excellent manoeuvring capabilities and great handling. Whatever the work to be performed – harvesting, spraying or vine maintenance – the G7.240 is sure to meet your needs.

Speedflow Progress

SPEEDFLOW sprayers comprise a lightweight tubular chassis which is both simple and robust. The axles, which are positioned centrally and can be adjusted to the tractor’s track width, offer excellent load distribution. The articulated drawbar, fitted on a bearing, improves handling. The SPEEDFLOW PROGRESS is equipped with a smooth polyethylene tank to prevent damage to the vines. The rinsing tank and the hand wash reservoir are integrated into the main tank. This range is available with a choice of tank capacities to satisfy your requirements.