Hazelnut Harvesting Equipment


We sell equipment designed for Hazelnuts

Hazelnut Harvesting Equipment

We sell equipment designed for Hazelnuts


FACMA proposes itself on the market with a wide and articulate range of mulchers, planning and building models that offer excellent solutions for: ground preparation to the mechanized harvesting of fruits, check of infesting weeds, cutting up of runners and pruning and stones crushing up to 20 cm of diameter.

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Self Propelled

Only one operator required. Supplied with lateral blowing kit. Can be used on sloping ground. It has the possibility of going over the same piece of ground in order to avoid harming the product.

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Tractor Mounted

These new mechanical mounted harvesters permit the shell fruit harvest thanks to the principle of mechanical gathering from the ground. The product is pushed by a fan placed at the machine’s side in bags or in a trailer. On demand it is possible to install a lateral brush to harvest in the inter-row.

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The Pruning Picker up-Shredder Comby permits to triturate and to gather the pruning residues until a diameter of 90 mm, once crumble the pruning residues are deposit in a wide capacity container, which through the pantograph rising takes the material cut up until a height of 2,60 m to download it in an easy and fast way.

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FACMA is specialized in manufacturing machines dealing with the post-harvest phase of products in shell like: hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, chestnuts, etc. The company produces systems of drying, selection and storage of the products, standard or personalized, according to the customer’s exigencies, combining the machines listed below, obtaining the needed production process

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CSI Equipment Brings Italian Innovation to the Willamette Valley

​With Facma Harvesting Equipment

Tier ventilator

Facma fans VA2 and VA2 PLUS blow the produce into windrows, piles or rows of product on the ground, making the harvest easier for both the trailed and self-propelled harvesters. Both fans models can be connected to the tractor’s power plug.


The frontal harvester is constituted by 2 contra-rotating brushes which move the product towards a central mechanical harvester composed of rotating rubber blades, which lift the product and send them towards a conveyor belt.

Inter-row disk

It connects with the main transmission and it allows the shredder to work precisely and carefully around the plants without damaging the bark. It can be used on the long grass around the stalks with no need to use weed killers, thus contributing to the protection of the environment.


unique for orchards under-tree working without lowering the protection bar, for hill or mountainous territories, for the forestry industry, for the green industry, in open field; 2 ranges of speed (0-15 Km/h and 15-40 Km/h); hitches for agricultural tools also in the front side.

Trailed Harvesters

The Trailed Harvesters are suitable for the picking hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, walnuts, coffee, macadamia, pecan walnuts and olives from the ground.

The Trailed Harvesters born by this times in the far ’70s years, are the first machines created by FACMA and still now they are considered an important part in the annual production.

Their success is due to their versatility in harvesting a wide number of products and to their handiness that makes easy and fast the mechanized harvesting.

The Trailed Harvesters models are produced in order of size and working capacity, depending on the personal necessity of work. 

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