Grading Scraper GS2572



  • Cat. 1 & 2 Hitch
  • 4” x 4” Front beam
  • Heat treated scarifier shanks
  • Replaceable skid shoes
  • High carbon, heat treated cutting edges, reversible & replaceable


These Grading Scrapers simply and quickly move dirt or aggregate from high spots to low spots making them extra user-friendly and a low cost alternative for road grading applications. Unlike a box scraper, they are not designed to transfer large volumes of dirt from one location to another and as a result do not require the additional horsepower that a box scraper requires. Nor does it require the tending of tractor 3-point lift controls to maintain grade that a box scraper might also require. Simply setting a properly adjusted Grading Scraper on the ground and driving forward enables the operator to grade off high spots and fill in ruts and low spots on unimproved roads and lanes with little or no manipulation of the tractors 3-point hitch controls. Unlike a rear blade, they require no adjustment of blade angling or offset positions.