CBD Hemp Harvesting Equipment


In 2018, seeing the demand for more cost effective ways to harvest CBD hemp, we started developing a self-propelled Hemp Harvester. Primarily for CBD harvesting, but will work on all similar types of plants. The main difference is our machine leaves most of the “wood” in the field. Unlike forage type machines that harvest the entire plant, you will only find about 2% of the “wood” in the load.

Call for more information and we can get you set up with the entire machine or parts to convert your Green Bean Harvester.

Hemp Buckers

Wet and dry bucking

Durable, fast and simple to operate

Variable speed diesel motor, hydraulically geared and driven

Better, faster, and cheaper than hand bucking

CO2 Hemp Extractors

Clean, Safe, Fast Super Critical Extraction

20 liter and 30 liter extractors

Reliable analog controls

Faster throughputs, higher yields and
better paybacks

CBD Hemp Ready For Harvest Csi Equipment Salem, OR
CBD Hemp Harvesting Csi Equipment Salem, OR
CBD Hemp Harvested Csi Equipment Salem, OR

CSI Equipment brings CBD Hemp Innovation to the Willamette Valley with our new CBD Hemp harvesting equipment options for 2020!


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