The Future Is Now

The range of Ferrari specialized tractors is made up of extremely reliable and multifunctional high-performance machines, with small dimensions and high maneuverability qualities. The power of the engines, from 25 to 91 HP, make Ferrari tractors indispensable in cultivations in rows, vineyards, orchards, greenhouses, in the mowing of forage and in the maintenance of greenery and municipalities.

Electro Hydraulically-Operated Reverser EasyDrive®

The electronic control unit installed on FERRARI Vega K105 tractors automatically engages the reverse gear when the EasyDrive® lever is operated, without using the clutch pedal by the operator.

Vega Sky Jump K105 Dualsteer

Thanks to the unique dual steering system Dualsteer® acting on the front wheels and on the central articulation, the Vega Sky Jump K105 has a great maneuverability equal to its “brothers” on pneumatic wheels, as it can reach a steering angle of 60° with very limited steering radius.

The Future Has Arrived

Vega K105 are specialized tractors matching the latest ‘made in Ferrari’ technology and the top production efficiency, always caring for the environment. Innovative technical content, elegant design and reduced overall dimensions make Vega K105 indispensable machines for future agriculture.